Epic Quest

Here lies our quest towards total epicness

2020 has been a trialling time for everyone. The Bird Family Quest has evolved from stumbling across Brent Ozar's Epic Life Quest and in turn, Steve Kamb's Epic Quest of Awesome who originally inspired Brent. I've always loosely kept a bucket list but never really dedicated time to mapping it out, tracking it or ticking it off. I started putting the foundations of our quest together with my kids to give them something positive to focus on during lockdown. They were promised a special 2020, it's been anything but. So by blogging about it, the world as my witness will keep me accountable for ensuring we continue to level up on our quest to total epicness.

There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path - Morpheus

Completed quests

Level 1

  • A look back at everything I've achieved to date (achieved 23/09/2020)

Always in motion is the future – Yoda

Future quests

Here is a list of things I wish to achieve over however long it takes. The premise is simple, each objective is something that I wish to learn, achieve, visit, do...my family have added to the list. Every objective met is 20% towards the next level, epic objectives 100%.