I'm a Redgate Community Ambassador for 2024

I'm a Redgate Community Ambassador for 2024

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I am proud to announce that I have been welcomed into the Redgate’s brand new Redgate Community Ambassador program for 2024.

Change to program

Redgate has revised their Friends of Redgate program for 2024. As the scale and scope of the program has grown and evolved, they have split the program in two and now there are “Redgate Community Ambassadors” and “Redgate Leadership Ambassadors”.

Redgate Community Ambassadors

The purpose of a community ambassador is to share knowledge, insights, and expertise to support, evolve and amplify both Redgate solutions and the wider data community. They are active members of the data platform community or engaged current customers. They work with Redgate to help them tackle the challenges of the evolving database landscape. They have clear thoughts and ideas about the technology they work with. They actively advocate for Redgate and share our commitment to the data platform community.

Ambassadors will be:

  • Redgate Customers who want to connect, learn, and inspire by sharing their insights, stories, and experience of our solutions with the wider data community, to enable others to succeed where they have
  • Data professionals with a proven passion for sharing your knowledge and supporting the data platform community.

Redgate Leadership Ambassadors

The purpose of a leadership ambassador is solve and serve the complex data challenges specific to those in leadership roles. They are current customers in leadership positions. They are focused on the business benefits, they understand how the database can be a major accelerator of efficiency and change across their organisation. They also understand the significant risk and cost of downtime, regulatory fines, data breaches and loss of productivity if things go wrong.

Ambassadors will be Redgate Customers in leadership positions. Leaders experienced with software buying groups, budget ownership and managing digital transformations to share their blockers, insights, and learnings, whilst developing their own leadership profile.

Where I spend my time

My contributions to the community are predominantly in providing free learning opportunities. I’m an organiser of DataWeekender and a supporter of Data Toboggan, both of which are free online Microsoft Data Platform conferences. I am a member of the orange army - not the Dutch Football Team, but the SQLBits helper team, and organiser of the currently dormant Data South Wales user group. I am a STEM ambassador, providing industry insight and mentoring opportunities to the next generation of tech enthusiasts and also help run a code club for marginalised young people. You can see my latest community activities on my community tracker. I also try to attend some product research sessions with Redgate when requested.


You can read more about the changes to the program on Redgate’s website.


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