About me

I'm Justin

Father to Cerys & Caitlin, Husband to Rhian. We live in a small village between Cardiff & Newport.

I'm a data consultant

I specialise in Business Intelligence and the Modern Data Platform, I focus on Microsoft products but my specialisms can be applied across other areas. I'm collecting badges, you can see how many I've got here, here's my latest...

I'm a friend of Redgate

I have been accused of being a Redgate fanboy in the past AND THEY WERE RIGHT. Redgate are a fantastic company and I've historically been a huge ambassador of their products. They continue to make really ingeniously simple tools and it was a huge honour for me that in 2020 I became a friend of Redgate #forg. You can read more about that here. I've been renewed for 2021, hopefull this image will continue to increment over the years :)

I love what I do

I've been on a fantastic journey in the world of tech. My Dad bought our first computer, a Texas Instruments TI99 in 1986, when I was 6. I was interested in tech from a young age, and curious at breaking down stuff to understand how it worked - I remember being sent to the headmaster in primary school for exploring the operating system on one of the school's Macintoshes despite us all being told explicitly not to click on the apple logo. I was building machines in my early teens. It took me a few more years to realise that tech was to be my career (I thought I wanted to go into Accountancy or Law until it was too late for my A-Levels), but once the journey started I never looked back. I've run down a few dead ends and have missed a few junctions along the way, but I've managed to get things back on track in recent years. I'm extremely lucky to have eventually fallen into a career that I love.

I started my own business

I jointly run Metricy Ltd with Ryan Gillett, we are a Redgate Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Platform & Analytics.

I'm trying to work in tech whilst not being consumed by it

Josh Duffney's blog post popped up at the right time. Lockdown has left me in one long, always-on, plugged-in day from the moment I get up until I eventually drag myself to bed...and it's exhausting. Reading his digital declutter led to a few trials of different approaches until I found the one that worked for me. And so I'm about to go some way to unplugging from the digital world.

I'm a huge football fan

I am obsessed with football, I'm still dragging myself around a 5 aside pitch despite Rhian insisting I'm too old for that sort of thing. I'm a proud Welshman and religiously attend Welsh football matches.

the red wall logo

My local team is...in Manchester United. I've watched Ferguson propel the club to lofty heights and watched everyone (so far) struggle to match his achievements.

I'm starting on a family quest

The Bird Family Quest has evolved from stumbling across Brent Ozar's Epic Life Quest and in turn, Steve Kamb's Epic Quest of Awesome who originally inspired Brent. I've always loosely kept a bucket list but never really dedicated time to it. I started putting the foundations of our quest together with my kids to give them something positive to focus on during lockdown. They were promised a special 2020, it's been anything but. So by blogging about it, the world as my witness will keep me accountable for ensuring we continue to level up on our quest to total epicness.

I'm trying to stay healthy

I've been working remotely for several years - albeit not permanently like I am now - and during that time I've introduced various apps and working practices to help me work effectively. I returned to work towards the end of lockdown and I've found that permanently working remotely and being socially distanced has had an impact on my personal and mental wellbeing. I've spent some time in recent weeks resetting that balance to ensure I remain effective, and most importantly remain healthy.

I'm a Star Wars fanboy

I grew up with the original trilogy. If I wasn't a data consultant I'd probably have been a Jedi.

Get in touch

If you want to get in touch you can reach me at justin@metricy.uk


If you made it all the way down here, thanks for reading my post and enjoy your day.