Setting Up an RSS Feed for the Microsoft Fabric Blog

Update 28/06

Microsoft have released the RSS feed! Was a useful experiment in creating an RSS feed but now you can just subscribe here .


The new Microsoft Fabric Blog is out and annoyingly it does not have an RSS feed. I use Readwise Reader to curate my online reading. Readwise has another option for blogs - I can subscribe via my own personal Readwise email address and Reader will place them into my feed. For reasons I don’t understand, the Fabric blog does not allow any random email address to subscribe either.

I have found a way around this using Five Filters’ Feed Creator . Because of how the blog is set up however, I have had to set up two distinct RSS feeds. That’s not a problem for me using Readwise Reader since I can create a view to collate the two feeds.


Here are the two RSS feeds, add both feeds to your favourite rss reader and you will receive all the posts from the blog;

If you want to see how I set it up and why there are two, read on…

Setting up the main feed

Starting with a blank configuration here I have two panes presented. The left has a set of options and a preview button, the right shows the results of my config. So setting the URL to and clicking on preview I can see I have a bit more work to do…

Image shows the results of configuring feed creator simply using the URL, the results return menu items from the blog page so this isn't sufficient.

What I want to see here is the post headers and the description. Selecting the “advanced selectors” option I can target specific elements of the feed. So by inspecting the page, I can work out that is the element I need to target.

Image shows inspecting the blog page and the posts in

That the header is labelled as h2;

Image shows inspecting the header

And that the description is labelled as p;

Image shows inspecting the description

Each of the elements is relative to so putting it all together I need to set item selector to, item title selector to h2 and item description selector to p;

Image shows the completed configuration, the results returned are the respective headers and descriptions

The preview of the feed looks good. I have tried to target the date of the post but it isn’t wrapped in an element, it’s just free text so I can’t get that to work. This doesn’t really matter because Reader will simply stamp the date it arrives in my feed so I’m not too bothered.

There is one slight issue though, the page is split with a featured blog post that doesn’t sit in the same element;

Image shows inspecting the headline post

This is going to be an important post to catch, so I need to get it somehow. I couldn’t think if there was a way to map the two into the same feed, maybe if I’m bored I’ll see if I can work it out using the advanced options but for now, I simply created a separate feed targeting the headline item. I can curate this in Readwise Reader using a view.

Setting up the headline feed

Using the same pattern, the item is here;

Image shows inspecting the headline post

The header is h1;

Image shows inspecting the header of the headline post

And the description is under the misspelt .feautred-blog-post-summary.text-responsive-18px

Image shows inspecting the description of the headline post

Putting that all together it works!

Image shows the final configuration, the results have returned the correct header and description

Editing the feed

The downside to this is any part of this page could change in the future resulting in my feed breaking. The misspelt element could be corrected and all of a sudden my feed wouldn’t find it. I can adjust the feed by changing the extract.php to index.php in the URL and fivefilters will open the interface with the configured feed;