Quest level 1 achieved!

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Here's a list of all the things I achieved in my first 40 years on this planet. It's great to sit back and reflect on some of these achievements and have a place for my kids to see. Perhaps as time goes by, I'll blog about some of them.

Personal achievement

  • Give blood I wish I'd done this long ago, I have been donating as often as I can since starting this, I've donated nearly 20 times to date (achieved June 2014)
  • Start practicing GTD Nowadays I probably don't work this religiously, but I have learnt and practised this over the years (achieved 2012)
  • Get married recently celebrating our 10 year anniversary, soon 20 years together (achieved September 2009)
  • Volunteer for a full day one of the most rewarding things I've done to date, I helped renovate the gardens at the Cancer Centre that provided palliative care to my mother in her final months (achieved April 2008)
  • Learn origami 100+ of them! I bought an origami calendar and managed to fold most of them. (achieved 2007)
  • Become a Dad I have two beautiful daughters, such different, strong, determined individuals, it all started back in 2007 with the arrival of Cerys (achieved May 2007, then August 2010)
  • Buy first home We bought our first home at the end of 2006, (achieved November 2006)
  • Break a bad habit (smoking) partly influenced by losing my mother in the same year, packed up 20+ day habit with the thanks of Allen Carr and haven't touched them since (achieved 2004)
  • Learn to ski went to Andorra, held on to a button lift, fell off, pointed my skis downhill and tried to keep skis straight...easiest way to learn to ski! Bit better than that now! (achieved February 2001)
  • Fly a plane For my 18th birthday, my old man took me to Rhoose and I jumped in the front of a biplane and took over the stick once in the air and flew to my house and back, amazing! (achieved 1998)
  • Learn to play the piano Piano became my mainstream instrument, I took accreditation all the way to Grade 8 and even taught the piano for a while. (achieved 1988)
  • Learn to play the clarinet Replaced the guitar for the clarinet, I was a member of several orchestras / bands in South Glamorgan, highlights were several concerts at St David's Hall and a tour of Austria. Rhapsody in Blue (the galaxy advert) was my party trick! (achieved 1989)
  • Learn to play the guitar First instrument I learnt, I have no idea why I switched this, gutted! (achieved 1986)
  • Be in an advert Well it's not something I aspired to do, but when I was collecting bucketlist things this popped up and I can tick it as done! My class was asked to be in an advert for a local travel agent, friend of a friend's daughter was in my class. How random! (achieved 1985)

Professional achievement

  • Gold partnership with Microsoft As a consequence of the certification, Metricy became a gold partner with Microsoft. (achieved July 2020)
  • Microsoft Certified I've been in the industry for 15 years, about time I proved my worth! We went into lockdown and my contract was prematurely ended. Rather that drain my confidence scouring a bleak market I decided to take a few months off...on the condition I became an MCSE. Over the next two months, between home schooling my kids through lockdown and passed three exams to obtain an MCSE in Data Management and Analytics. (achieved June 2020)
  • Start a consultancy (achieved November 2019)
  • Start a business (achieved September 2018)

Possessions / Finance

  • Light your own log burner I've always wanted to log burner! There's something comforting about sitting in front of a fire and I've been wanting one since forever. Our first home's lounge had no chimney and was on the first floor, it would have been a challenge so our second home came with unused chimney and three years in we got round to renovating the lounge and had one fitted (in the middle of a heatwave). The first suggestion of a drop in temperature it was lit! (achieved August 2020)
  • Audi A5 The A4 Cabriolet was a car that I loved for many years and always had ambitions of owning one but I could never really justify the cost of it. Then I became a Dad and other priorities got in the way. So after years of prioritising the wife's car over mine and a few promotions later, the opportunity arose to treat myself. By this time, it was the A5 Coupe that had caught my attention, convertibles aren't very practical in Wales and the coupe was heaps more gorgeous than the sportback (if a little impacticle with two kids) but I owed my younger self (achieved November 2016)
  • Make a Kiva Loan Someone who worked for me many years ago gave his leaving gift back to me as a Kiva loan voucher. I invested the initial voucher and forgot about it until early 2019, since when I've been reinvesting the money into new initiatives and donating more money from time to time. To date, I've made 13 loans. (achieved March 2012)

Stuff to do

  • Try acupuncture (achieved November 2019)
  • Watch a live ballet performance of the Swan Lake (achieved December 2018)
  • See the Nutcracker performed live at Christmas time (achieved December 2018)
  • Hold a tarantula (achieved ?)
  • Attend match at football tournament (achieved June 2016)
  • Be a contestant on a game show (achieved ?)
  • Pet a shark (achieved ?)
  • Watch an eclipse (achieved ?)
  • Go geocaching (achieved ?)
  • Drive a Porsche (achieved ?)
  • Swim with Dolphins (achieved October 2008)
  • Swin with Rays (achieved October 2008)
  • See Red Hot Chili Peppers live (achieved ?)
  • See Stereophonics live (achieved ?)
  • See Oasis live (achieved ?)
  • See Eric Clapton live (achieved ?)


  • Complete a half marathon, achieved October 2010.

Places to see

  • Europe
    • Austria
      • Salzburg
        • Mozart's birthplace (achieved ?)
    • France
      • Ski on the Alps (achieved ?)
      • Paris
        • Boat down the river Seinne (achieved ?)
        • Climb the Arc de Triomphe (achieved ?)
        • Climb the Eiffel tower (achieved ?)
        • See Monet's waterlillies in person (achieved ?)
        • Visit Notre Dame Cathedral (achieved ?)
        • Visit Louvre (achieved ?)
    • Italy
      • Pompeii (achieved ?)
      • Rome
        • Drink water from Fontana della Barcaccia (achieved ?)
        • Eat gelato in Italy (achieved ?)
        • Eat traditional pizza in Italy (achieved ?)
        • Throw a coin into the Fontana di Trevi (achieved ?)
        • Visit the Coliseum (achieved ?)
        • Visit the Vatican (achieved ?)
      • Venice
        • Ride a Gondola (achieved ?)
        • Visit Basilica di San Marco (achieved ?)
        • Walk through the bridge of sighs (achieved ?)
    • Scotland
      • Edinburgh
        • Watch the firing of the canon @ Edinburgh castle (achieved ?)
    • Spain
      • Tenerife
        • Take the kids to Siam Park (achieved ?)
  • North America
    • USA
      • Florida
        • Airboat across the everglades (achieved ?)
        • Disneyland (achieved ?)
      • New York
        • 911 memorial (achieved ?)
        • Statue of Liberty (achieved ?)
        • Taxi Boat (achieved ?)
        • Times Square (achieved ?)
      • Vegas
        • Fly over Grand Canyon (achieved ?)
        • Gamble in Vegas (achieved ?)


If you made it all the way down here, thanks for reading my post and enjoy your day.